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About Parquet Flooring: Types and Installation

What Is Parquetry?

In the floor covering sector, parquet is a flooring made from wood blocks or strips creating a pattern. In some cases, the parquet can consist of inlays of various other timber kinds and also products.

Parquet originates from the French word 'parchet.' In the XVII century, parquetry came to be preferred under the name 'parquet de renaissance' after changing the bedroom's marble floorings of Louis XIV himself. From this factor forward, parquetry has ended up being a sign of preference and high-end, which just the abundant can pay for. When devices lastly made the procedure easily accessible as well as affordable to everybody, at the very least up until the XX century.

One of the most frequently made use of timber floor covering product is oak. Parquets are no exemption to this. While you can locate parquetry constructed from even more unique types like mahogany, those are unusual situations resulting from the price included.

The installment of a parquet needs a well-leveled subfloor, and also, the fining sand associated with the procedure needs to be delegated а expert. One of the essential points when removing the timber is to follow its grain continually. This is instead difficult to attain on a surface area made from woodblocks encountering numerous instructions.

One of the most preferred sorts of parquet pattern is the herringbone. This easy pattern alone is available in several variants like solitary, angled, or dual (square) herringbone. Nevertheless, there are entirely various designs like block, basket chevron, weave, or hexagon.

Structurally, parquet can be separated right into three significant teams:

strong: made from strong timber blocks of the parquet floor covering,

crafted: generally developed from several layers of wood

parquet overlay: produced from much thinner timber items and typically set up on currently existing floorings.

Like every standard flooring, parquets can be located in 3 qualities-- prime, rustic, and select. Prime is the best without knots or sapwood. Select is the happy medium with a couple of knots and also a percentage of sapwood. The third is the rustic quality, which supplies one of the most all-natural appearances with various knots.

What Is Marquetry?

Marquetry is an art devoted to reducing and setting up small timber veneer items to develop an attractive picture or pattern. Marquetry is a means of enhancing more frequently put on furnishings instead of floorings.

Marquetry uses many timber varieties located in the floor covering markets like oak and walnut; however, it typically depends on various other products such as turtle coverings, treasures, cream color, and nacre, rock, and also several others. In the past, forming the timber and shaping it needed fantastic ability and a constant hand. Today modern-day innovations have dramatically alleviated the treatment; however, it continues to indicate a luxurious style.

The Difference Between Marquetry and also parquetry

Parquetry includes producing a particular photo by organizing wood blocks or strips in a specific geometric pattern. Marquetry is applying a veneer to a current surface area, while parquets are developing such a surface area. The photo produced with marquetry can likewise be matched by products various from timber, while parquets are entirely made from it, also the crafted ones.

However, we have to remember that the term 'parquetry' is not used for floor covering alone yet in furnishing too. As for furniture is concerned, both marquetry as well as parquetry are a sort of veneering. The difference between those 2 is that parquet veneers produce geometric patterns while marquetry makes figural patterns (like individuals, pets, landscapes).

What type of floor covering depends on your preference?

Wood floorboards

Strong timber parquet obstructs

Engineered parquet

Engineered slabs

Laminate floor covering

Plastic floor covering


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