Levelling less than 1000 Square Feet

(Price per square feet)

Cement levelling prices & concrete cost breakdown less than 1000 square feet

Here we will introduce the different concrete cement leveling prices and the costs associated with this type of renovation.

Price of leveling area less than 1000 Square Feet

Why makes up the concrete levelling costs?

Cost is broken down into:
1. Labour of Worker
2. Raw materials (Cement & Concrete Powder)
3. Transport Cost
4. Clean up & Disposal Cost

Cost of Concrete

Firstly depends on the type of cement used:
– Premixed self-leveling concrete
– Self mix using plain cement and water

Price to Level Cement

Why cost is fluctuates with area size

I will answer both questions here:
Usually for 100-1000 square feet, the prices drop the larger the area as transport charges and worker utilization is maximised.

Each worker is assigned to an worksite by the day and even if the levelling work is done within 2 hours or within a day, the worker is still paid a daily wage.


How much does concrete leveling cost?

The cost of leveling depends on the type of leveling done and the size of the job. For 100 sq.ft. the costs can range from $500 to $1,300.

How thick can self leveling concrete be poured?

Self-leveling compound should be a thin layer of less than 2-inches, and ideally less than 1-inch.

What is used to level concrete?

Concrete may be leveled through a self-leveling compound, a mixture of sand and cement, or with a polyurethane foam.

Can old concrete be resurfaced?

It depends on the condition of the concrete. In many instances it can, but if it’s very cracked or broken it may need to be replaced.

Why do concrete floors crack in old houses?

Old houses settle and sink slightly with time. In addition, wood can swell and shrink, which can cause floors to crack.

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