Parquet Flooring less than 2000 Square Feet

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Parquet Flooring Services in Singapore

Parquet Flooring less than 2000 Square Feet

Parquet flooring is a type of flooring that has been in use for centuries. It was first popularized in 16th-century France when it became the standard for opulent homes and public buildings. The word “parquet” comes from the French meaning “to fit together.” This is because parquetry consists of patterns created by fitting pieces together to form geometric shapes or pictures.

Various types of wood are used to make parquet floors: oak, beech, birch, mahogany, and cherry are some of the options. Parquet floors can also be made using tile or other materials such as linoleum or cork. While there are many factors involved with installing parquet floors – price being one factor – the two main factors are the type of wood used and parquet patterns.

Parquet flooring is found in homes or buildings with ornate architectural styles. Parquetry was popular during the Victorian era for its beauty. Still, it also serves functional purposes like preventing dust from accumulating on floors (it’s easier to sweep), protecting against extreme temperatures, and preventing damage from heavy furniture.

Today parquet flooring is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, not only for its beauty but also because it’s easy to care for and can be installed over existing floors with minimal preparation.

Which area or room is suitable for parquet flooring?

Parquet flooring is most commonly used in rooms with high foot traffic. Parquet floors are incredibly durable and often last up to a century, which means they’re ideal for areas like hallways or foyers that see heavy use from family members or guests. Interestingly, they fit well in smaller spaces like bathrooms because they’re easy to clean. Never add parquet flooring on the basement since the risk of flooding and humidity is high

Which type of parquet flooring is suitable for your home?

Depending on the architectural style of your home, you may wish to choose a specific type of wood used in parquet floors or select one that fits with existing décor. All classes are durable and long-lasting, but each variety has different aesthetic qualities.

Oak is one of the most popular types of wood used in parquet flooring. Oak parquet floors display a consistent grain pattern throughout, which means they’re particularly suitable for formal rooms such as dining or living room areas that are decorated with heavy furniture pieces like cabinets and couches. Beech trees are often used to make parquet floors, and this type of wood is widespread in French-style homes due to its natural richness.

Birch trees are another popular choice for making parquet flooring. They’re also a favorite among homeowners who desire an antique appearance like Victorian houses or other historic structures.

Parquet flooring installation services in Singapore

We offer complete parquet flooring installation services in Singapore, including the removal of existing floors and all preparation work. We also provide professional cleaning and polishing to ensure your new wood floors stay looking like new for years to come.

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