Parquet Flooring less than 1000 Square Feet


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Parquet Hardwood Flooring Less than 1000 Square Feet

Hardwood – S$25 to S$50 per square foot

Hardwood flooring gives the house a warm and natural look that is difficult to replicate with man-made materials.

A good contractor is needed when installing hardwood, as you may have problems with liquid spillage and moisture when hardwood flooring is not properly sealed.

Thus, coating your hardwood flooring every year is recommended. Aside from the need of a yearly coating, hardwood is incredibly durable, and minor imperfections can be sanded down.

Hardwood is also prone to scratches and dents and is therefore not recommended for toilets, kitchens or rooms that are inclined towards furniture movement.

There are many different kinds of hardwood flooring, and the factors affecting their costs are:

Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost Factor

Below are some of the factors affecting the cost of your hardwood flooring installation project:

Hardwood flooring cost – based on the number of square feet
Labour costs – based on the number of hours
Supplies needed for the job – based on the number of square feet
Equipment allowance – by project basis
Hardwood flooring debris disposal – based on the number of square feet
Remove flooring (optional) – based on the hours on the job

Wood Floor Finishing Cost Factors

The type of finish on a wooden floor can make a big difference on the looks, feels and durability. Selecting the right finish can be as crucial as selecting as the type of wood flooring for your home.

Increasingly, more and more wooden flooring is delivered already finished, reducing the need for homeowners to apply sealant or treatment after the flooring project. These manufacturers will usually give information on the type of pre-finishes applied and will advise on the type of additional finishing that can be used.

Most unfinished wooden flooring require one coat of sealant and at least two coats of protectant finishing. Sealing is critical to the floor integrity as it prevents panelization, which is the separation of a group of boards from others and the rest of the floor.

There are three main types of treatment, namely:

conventional solvent PU coating
water-based PU coating
oil-based coating
Of these three treatments, the one that can last the longest will be the solvent-based PU coating and water-based one. One caveat is that the solvent-based one can be toxic to human, and living in an area that continually gives off these toxic substances can be detrimental to health.

Prices for the water-based coating vary according to its durability and its variant.

Below are some of the factors affecting the cost of your wood floor finishing installation project:

Wood floor finishing cost – based on the number of square feet
Wood floor finishing labour – based on the number of hours
Wood floor finishing job supplies – based on the number of square feet

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