Mosaic Tiles less than 1000 Square Feet

(Price per square feet)

Mosaic Tile Installation Prices Singapore

Mosaic Tile Installation less than 1000 square feet

Why are Mosaic Tiles Expensive

“Specialized mosaic tile designs are more expensive.”

From simple squares to ornate curves, mosaic tile cuts and designs can run the gamut of complexity. The more detailed and specialized your design, the more expensive installation will be. Want swirling waves of natural stone completely unique to your home? You’re looking at more installation costs. Even if you plan to complete a do-it-yourself installation, you’ll pay in time. And, if you cut a piece incorrectly, you’ll have to pay to replace it with a new mosaic tile or sheet.

Cost of Mosaic Tiles are determined by

Some designs have already stopped production and are made of limited porcelain or ceramic.

Country of Origin
China made tiles are far cheaper than Italian or USA brands.

Difficulty in installation
The price of a mosaic installation can very greatly, depending on how large the area you want to cover is, the length of time professionals are working and the cost of tools. Generally, contractors charge about $20 per square foot to install mosaic tiles along with the cost of materials, but this can vary by region.
Along with the monetary costs of installation comes the time expense. Consider how much time you can spend installing and factor that into your mosaic tile purchases. Some materials are easier (and thus less time-consuming) to install than others. For example, glass is easier to install than stone, which is heavier and requires time to set.

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