Ceiling area less than 200 Square Feet

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Ceiling area less than 200 Square Feet

Why You Should Consider a Ceiling Remodeling in Your Home

Ceiling remodeling is one of the most common home renovations. It is also one of the easiest and least expensive to do. You can quickly transform your home with a new ceiling that can make it feel like a new place.

A ceiling remodel is not just about aesthetics. It can be done to improve airflow, soundproofing, and insulation in your home. We recommend you contact Flooringtoceiling for all your ceiling needs.

How Ceiling Renovation Can Improve the Aesthetic of the Room

The ceiling is an important part of any room. It is the most visible surface in the room, so it should be well-designed and look nice. Ceiling renovation can improve the aesthetic of a room by adding features that are not available in most homes. For example, installing a ceiling fan can have a huge impact on how your space feels. The right light fixtures will also make your ceiling more appealing.

If you are looking for a professional company to install new ceilings, then Flooringtoceiling is the one for you. They have years of experience in ceiling installation and restoration. We offer high-quality services at affordable rates.

Types of ceiling remodeling

There are many different types of ceilings that can be used in homes, depending on the material. Your options include:

  • Drywall – This is one of the most common materials for modern home construction and remodeling projects because it’s inexpensive to purchase and install with relative ease. The same paint color or wallpaper you’ve chosen for your walls will look great on your drywall ceiling, which is one reason it’s become so popular in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Wood – This material is usually installed in bedrooms or living areas where a more formal look with plenty of natural light will enhance the beauty of this type of ceiling.
  • Metal – If you’re looking for something sleek that screams modern, metal is one of the best options to consider.
  • Plasterboard – This material offers a classy but slightly more rustic look that can be used in any room, including bathrooms and kitchens where humidity might wreak havoc on other types of ceilings.
  • Tile or stone – These are usually reserved for outdoor use due to their durability against the elements, but they are very attractive inside homes too.
  • Stucco – This is an economical material that you can use to create any number of ceiling designs and shapes for a truly unique look in your space.
  • Popcorn or acoustic tiles – These materials will give you ceilings your favorite Hollywood star would envy! We offer ceiling renovation services to make your space look like it’s the VIP room at the hottest club in town.

Ceiling painting services in Singapore

Depending on the material you have installed in your ceiling, painting services may not be necessary to transform its look and feel. But if you do want a more dramatic change, we’ve got just what it takes to make it happen for you! Ceiling paint adds a dimension that changes how light reflects off of them and their overall appearance. It’s also surprisingly easy to do yourself if you’re up for the challenge.

Our painters are experienced in all types of ceiling paint jobs, including ceilings with popcorn or acoustic tiles, wood, and other materials that one can find throughout homes today. Professional ceiling painting contractors will make your space look like it’s ready for a Hollywood premier!

Quality Ceiling Renovation in Singapore

We offer quality, and affordable ceiling renovation services, which we can easily customize as per client needs with suitable material selection, color combination, and design layouts. Our specialist will help you plan an impressive & functional appearance for living spaces that is more appealing and long-lasting. We aim to provide complete satisfaction to clients through the best quality services to make their homes more beautiful, functional & appealing.

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