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Custom Partition Walls Prices in Singapore

Custom partition walls are used when you want to divide a space into two or more sections. There are many reasons why people would use this type of wall, such as separating different functions in one room (such as a workspace and an entertainment area), dividing rooms for privacy purposes, and creating separate spaces for children and adults.

Custom partition walls are made from materials like plasterboard panels, brickwork, timber framing work, or suspended ceilings; they may also be made from glass or mirrors. The installation procedure of the wall can vary based on what material you choose to make it out of: some require drywalling, while others simply need adhesive tapes.

The Benefits of Custom Partition Walls

Custom partition walls include creating new spaces that are soundproof, more flexible, and customisable.

This type of wall is usually placed on one of the walls in your space; One can use it to create separate rooms or define different areas within a room. It’s important to note that only some types of partition walls require load-bearing capabilities, so make sure to check with us if this is something you need before proceeding.

Install Custom Partition Walls in Singapore

Common ways to install custom partition walls include drywalling, plasterboard panels, and adhesive tapes.


When using drywall as the primary material for your wall system, you must understand how load-bearing partitions work so you can assess which type of installation method will suit your project best. Drywalls are usually installed with wooden studs, making this a common choice when building new spaces or adding partitions to existing ones.

Plasterboard Panels

Plasterboard panels are usually installed with metal tracks that allow them to be moved around easily, and they can also be removed if necessary. We will know how best to install your plasterboard partition wall based on the type of material you choose for your wall.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes are a great choice if you do not want to install extra materials, and they provide the same function as most drywall installations. We will use these tapes when we need to create temporary partitions in your space, so keep this in mind for any upcoming projects.

We can also complete custom partition walls by using additional materials. This includes brickwork, timber framing work, or suspended ceilings.

Brick partitions will require fixing the floor and ceiling and a wooden framework, so they are usually more complicated than drywalling, but there is no limit on how high you can go with these walls.Timber framing and suspended ceilings provide an excellent aesthetic for office spaces.

We can install custom partition walls in new homes, offices, and existing spaces, versatile for many projects. If you want more privacy or space within your home or office area, consider custom wall partitions that suit the space and provide the functionality you need.

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