Cement Scree less than 1000 Square Feet


(Price per square feet)

Cement Screed Prices in Singapore

Cement Screed Costs

Cement Screed- S$14 to S$28 per square foot

Cement screed flooring was originally used as the smooth and even foundation required by laminate flooring. However, it has gained popularity over the years among those looking for an “industrial” feel in their homes.

Cement screed flooring is also very customisable as there are many different texture options that you can choose from.

As cement screed flooring is filled as a single piece (unlike tiles), cracks are almost guaranteed to happen. Repairs to this type of flooring can prove to be a hassle as a new layer will have to be poured over the old flooring to fix damages. It is also susceptible to moisture without a high-quality protective coating.


Should I use Screed Flooring or Tiling for my BTO

Physical differences between screed and tiling

Concrete and screed are both made from a mixture of cement, water and aggregate. The main difference between the two materials is the type of aggregate that is used.

When we are mixing concrete, we add coarse aggregate like gravel to the mix. These small stones are normally 20mm or less in size. This coarse aggregate gives the concrete its strength, durability and workability, and makes it suitable for structural work.

For screed, we don’t use the gravelly aggregate that we put in our concrete. Instead, we use fine, sharp sand, with a maximum grain size of about 4mm. This is what gives screed its fine, tightly packed texture and makes it suitable for applying as a top layer to a concrete floor.

Tiles are made of ceramic and have a variety of colours and shapes.

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