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Ask the Experts: 8 Things to Know About False Ceilings

Unless you're going with a pared-back, grimy visual or the commercial motif that values anything that exposes, you will probably be persuaded to choose a false ceiling. The choice is to have noticeable cords and trunking going through your ceiling, which can be an eyesore, specifically if you're expecting a minimal appearance.

  1. False ceilings offer you even more lights choices

Not just does a false ceiling hide all your electrics, it has various other advantages as well. A speaker from Paramount Construction, a firm in Singapore being experts in incorrect ceiling setup, shares that false ceilings can offer even more lights choices in an area. Such as cove lights that help spread out lighting even more uniformly in a room while providing a cozy feel.

With false ceilings, you will certainly have to work with recessed lights or downlights. They are a contemporary method to brighten your area, as well as besides the lighting, no part of the component is visible, producing a tidy, modern appearance.

  1. False ceilings aid to conserve power costs

What air that is caught between the actual ceiling and the false ceiling helps decrease your space's temperature level, serving as an insulator. This will certainly suggest you will not require to blow up the air-conditioning a lot. Even if you do, your air-conditioner, in fact, functions much better and will certainly really feel cooler due to the smaller sized quantity in the area. If you're living on the highest possible flooring of a structure, this will certainly really feel incredibly substantial.

  1. False ceilings are generally made from plasterboard

While false ceilings can be made from either gypsum board or plasterboard, the last is even more of a market essential nowadays as the previous is an extra pricey product. According to Paramount Construction, the final style of the false ceilings made from plasterboard and gypsum board looks the same after painting, so you can not truly tell them apart. The only benefit to plasterboard is from a service provider's viewpoint: they are a lot less complicated to mount and generate much less mess throughout building and construction.

  1. False ceilings do not have typical elevations

The elevation to which false ceilings can fall can be personalized to your choice. Nonetheless, Paramount Construction shares that they are typically declined around 6 inches from the ceiling to suit a lot of lights components. For property owners who choose a taller ceiling elevation, 4 inches from the ceiling will function, although that will depend on the lights component. Keep in mind that having a 4-inch false ceiling will undoubtedly make it harder to fix lights that can fit.

If you're remaining in an HDB level, do remember that HDB specifies that there must be an exact elevation of at the very least 2.4 meters from the finished floor level. So if you're doing a floor covering overlay in addition to a false ceiling, you may wish to examine that you have minimal clearance.

  1. If you do not desire to endanger your ceiling elevation or desire to set up a ceiling follower, go for an L-Box

An L-Box is set up in the border and boundary to ensure that the ceiling's center still keeps your entire ceiling height. Cost for an L-Box is generally computed by per foot run (pfr) and will undoubtedly cost you $9 pfr.

An L-Box alternative is a much more sensible alternative for individuals who intend to set up a ceiling fan. While hanging a ceiling fan from a false ceiling, a feasible reinforcement for the fan needs to be secured. The decreased elevation could imply your component is suspending too low. With an L-Box, you can mount your ceiling fan on the real ceiling while mounting your lights on your area's boundary.

  1. Incorrect ceilings can be mounted in damp areas

While most of us frequently connect false ceilings in the living room or the bedroom, they can likewise be set up in damp areas like the restroom and kitchen area. Nonetheless, it is necessary that the products utilized for the installment over damp areas be moisture-resistant plasterboard. Criterion plasterboard is not as immune to water in contrast.

  1. If you're transforming the electric circuitry, you do not (typically) require to take down your whole incorrect ceiling

Most of the time, you will not require to eliminate your whole false ceiling when renovating your electric wiring or other light systems. The electrician can eliminate a part of your false ceiling and also mount the brand-new cables. The cut out parts can be covered back later on.

Nevertheless, in major works, including points like your air-conditioning or storage heating tanks or if you want to examine damages to your electrics, you may need to get rid of the false ceiling to make any required fixings.

  1. Real estate bugs on the incorrect ceiling isn't precisely a misconception

We listen to occurrences of rats dropping from false ceilings in malls and food courts, so there may be instances of this problem in your false ceilings too. While Paramount Construction has claimed they have never experienced any of this kind in their years of mounting and taking apart false ceilings, it pays to take safety measures. See to it that your installer effectively secures your false ceilings on all sides to stop any kind of bugs from going into and also making it their breeding place.


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