Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring Comparison Guide

Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring Comparison Guide

Best for Cost: Tied

Laminate floor covering and deluxe vinyl floor covering are approximately similar in cost, although sheet vinyl does hold a small side. Both laminate floor covering and vinyl floor covering usually are cheaper than all-natural wood, crafted timber, and numerous ceramic or porcelain ceramic tiles.

Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring: Major Differences

The capacity of each sort of floor covering to withstand dampness depends upon its products. Vinyl floor covering is all artificial so that it can go anywhere. Minimal dampness resistance determines careful locations where laminate floor covering might or might not be mounted.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor covering has enhanced its environment-friendly stature recently. Some vinyl floor covering producers currently provide items that accomplish a LEED credit report EQ4.3 for Low-Emitting Material. When shed, vinyl is an artificial product that is recognized to generate harmful chemicals. Vinyl does not disintegrate in garbage dumps, and also reusing it is generally not a choice.

Best for Resale Value: Tied

Quality laminate floor covering and vinyl floor covering offers a similar quantity of value to a residence. Neither brings the high-value stature of strong wood, crafted wood, or developer ceramic floor tile or all-natural rock floorings. Simultaneously, high-quality laminate or vinyl floor covering typically will not put off potential house purchasers.

Best for Resale Value: Tied

Best for Environmental Impact: Laminate Flooring

If using eco-friendly structure products is very important to you, laminate floor covering has a tiny benefit thanks to the fiberboard core’s all-natural timber material. Still, neither of these products is specifically eco-friendly in how all-natural timber, linoleum, or bamboo flooring are.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering resembles high-end vinyl slabs in its appearance as well as an approach to setup. The crucial distinction is that its core is made from timber by-products adhered with materials. The top surface area is a hard, transparent plastic wear layer that covers the published style layer. The total density for laminate floor covering slabs varies from 6 mm to 12 mm.

Effectively set up laminate floor covering, with excellent walls and also limited joints or moldings, can endure pooled water, yet just a brief time period. For household washrooms or various other locations where standing water is most likely, laminate floor covering is a lousy option. Laminate floor covering might be used in places of reduced dampness if you can promptly devote your own to cleansing up occasional spills and pools.

Vinyl Flooring

Significant brand name high-end vinyl slab floor covering will certainly bring good resale worth to a house. Once the residence has shut the sale, substandard top-quality vinyl floor covering will usually be seen by purchasers as a project-in-waiting.

Vinyl Flooring

Reduced high-quality vinyl floor covering might flake. Likewise, self-stick vinyl floor covering ceramic tiles can loosen up in time. Overall, however, vinyl floor covering is a challenging floor coating product that will withstand high traffic needs.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floorings of all kinds can feel tough or chilly on the feet, precisely when they are set up over concrete or existing ceramic floor tile floorings.

Laminate Flooring

Best for Care as well as Cleaning: Vinyl Flooring

While both laminate floor covering and vinyl floor covering are very easy to maintain tidy, just vinyl floor covering enables the whole period of cleansing approaches, from brushing up with a completely dry mop to damp wiping.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering utilizes a click-and-lock installment approach, where the tongue of one slab has suited the groove of an adjacent slab at an angle. After that, the first slab is folded up down until it is level with the various other slabs. This activity attracts the boards with each other as well as shuts the joint. A standard round saw, or table saw furnished with a fine-tooth blade, and even a hand saw, is utilized to reduce laminate slabs.

With vinyl slab floor covering, the core layer is a thicker, multi-layer PVC vinyl. High-end vinyl floor covering can be found in slabs or ceramic tiles that interlace side-to-side to create drifting flooring. The general density for vinyl floor covering varies from 1.5 mm for sheet vinyl to 5 mm for deluxe vinyl slabs.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering enables deep, reasonable three-dimensional embossing on its surface areas, with precise pictures of the product being represented– timber, ceramic, or rock.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor covering is a 100-percent artificial product. In typical sheet vinyl and vinyl ceramic tiles, the base layer is usually fiberglass covered in PVC vinyl and a plasticizer. The resulting sheet is published and also embossed with a surface area print layer. Over this, several wear layers are used, in addition to a layer of no-wax polyurethane.

Discolor Resistance

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering is pressure-laminated with several layers, the top being a transparent, lightweight aluminum oxide layer that transcends for tarnish resistance.

Best for Stain Resistance: Tied

Top-quality, contemporary vinyl floor covering and laminate floor covering both obtain wear layers treated with homes do a superb task of withstanding discolorations.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor covering’s the best attribute because it is so simple to look after and tidy. Vinyl floor covering in good condition can be wet-mopped and, if needed, it can be intensely rubbed with certain cleansing items.

Best for water and also Heat Resistance: Vinyl Flooring

All sorts of vinyl floor covering are not simply waterproof yet are water resistant. Sheet vinyl, vinyl ceramic tile, and high-end vinyl floor covering are generally made with 100-percent water-resistant products. Completely washrooms and damp areas such as cellars and vinyl floor covering products succeed over laminate products. Sheet vinyl can be found in 12-foot wide rolls usually calls for no seaming, making it an outstanding selection for water-resistant flooring.

Treatment and also Cleaning

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering is the finest when cleaned up with dehydrated techniques, such as a completely dry wipe or mop. You must utilize just a wet wipe that feels virtually completely dry to the touch if you require to wet-clean laminate floor covering.

Resale Value

Laminate Flooring

Costs laminate floor covering can provide added resale worth to a residence, as long as it is relatively brand-new and also in good condition.

Ecological Impact

Laminate Flooring

Some laminate floor covering suppliers use items that get approved for LEED MR4 (Recycled Content) condition. Yet laminate floor covering still uses a plastic surface area layer, and the melamine materials utilized in the production of the core degree are never environment-friendly products considering that they might off-gas chemicals.

Vinyl Flooring

Older types of vinyl floor covering might have a textile or felt the support that is not waterproof. However, more recent versions of vinyl floor covering are made from 100-percent polymer products. Deluxe vinyl floor covering can be completely submerged in water for extended periods, dried, after that, recycled, totally untouched.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering varies from concerning $1.00 per square foot for 7 mm-thick slabs to regarding $5.00 per square foot for 12 mm-thick slabs.

Vinyl Flooring

Quality vinyl floor covering is covered with a transparent urethane layer that gives outstanding stain-resistance.

Best for Comfort and also Sound: Laminate Flooring

When contrasted to the timber floorings they are meant to imitate, Laminate floor covering items can feel rather hollow underfoot. Yet when integrated with either foam or felt underlayment, laminate floor covering will certainly be quieter, softer, as well as extra comfy to stroll on.

Convenience and also Sound

Laminate Flooring

Though laminate floor covering does not feel like timber, it does have a cozy sensation, particularly when paired with premium-quality underlayment.

Laminate Flooring 2

Of course, different materials also have colors like wood. So. should you go for the natural color of wood or are you going to paint over it? The texture of a varnished piece of lumber adds a lot of personality to the home.
Natural textures like stone and wood had been a common staple in our homes for the longest in human history while plain colored walls have only been a thing since the idea of painting walls became a thing. So natural textures will feel natural to our eyes. You get the joys of decorating your home without having to clutter your space with 3D decors and this is one possible way of implementing minimalism to your home.

Best for Appearance: Laminate Flooring

While laminate floor covering and deluxe vinyl floor covering are typically equivalent in look, laminate floor covering will a lot more carefully simulate hand-scraped wood, rock, porcelains, and various other products.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor covering can set you back just $1.00 per square foot for a slim, glue-down vinyl floor covering. Vinyl expenses rise to around $5.00 per square foot for high-end vinyl slabs, as well as costs brand names, which will certainly set you back even more.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering guarantees usually varies from 10 to 25 years; however, this hinges on an extensive upkeep routine.

Water and also Heat Resistance

Laminate Flooring

Essentially all laminate floor covering utilizes a fiberboard core. It will undoubtedly swell and soften if it is subjected to water since this core is a timber item. The fiberboard core will indeed not resume its initial measurements after it has dried out. The wear and style layers often peel off away after the core has ended up being waterlogged. Badly water-damaged laminate floor covering typically requires to be changed; it can not be dealt with.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl slabs additionally make use of a click-and-lock approach to setup. Vinyl floor covering slabs can be reduced with an energy blade, too. A rating mark is first made; after that, the slab is curved back on itself, and also a 2nd cut is made from the back. Sheet vinyl can be a challenging product for do-it-yourselfers to mount. The product is huge, hefty, and also unwieldy. And again, it can be tough to make complicated intermediaries from sheet items. Expert setup is usually your ideal wager if you are setting up sheet vinyl.

When you desire a resilient, affordable, appealing flooring covering for your residence that you can set up on your own, vinyl floor covering as well as laminate floor covering both attract attention. They are similarly straightforward to mount. They set you back concerning the same. From a range, they look about the very same. Exists any kind of distinction?

Vinyl Flooring

Service warranties on a high-end vinyl floor covering commonly vary as much as twenty years.

Vinyl Flooring

Several kinds of vinyl floor covering can look sensible, particularly high-end vinyl slab floor covering. Thicker strong core vinyl floor covering will certainly look even more like timber, considering that much deeper embossing is feasible.

Best for Durability and also Maintenance: Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor covering is a very sturdy, low-maintenance floor covering, hence the sector term resistant floor covering. Vinyl floor covering is also utilized in industrial applications, where longevity and also upkeep are crucial.

Resilience and also Maintenance

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor covering is low-maintenance as well as resilient. Nevertheless, laminate floor covering’s numerous layers might peel gradually or if it is subjected to water for as well lengthy. When laminate’s leading wear layer is damaged, it can not be fixed.

Best for Lifespan: Tied

As long as laminate floor covering is maintained relatively completely dry and is frequently cleaned up, purchasers might anticipate life expectancies near vinyl floor covering.

Which Flooring Should You Buy?

No floor covering is widely much better or even worse than the various other floor covering. Vinyl floor covering is best for utility rooms, damp shower rooms, and also mudrooms. You’ll possibly desire to pick a vinyl floor covering merely based on moisture-resistance if you are setting up the floor covering in those spaces. For arid locations, laminate floor covering functions well. Purchasers generally will discover many more design alternatives with laminate floor covering over the vinyl floor covering.


Top Brands

Vinyl Flooring




Laminate Flooring

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