Is Cement Screed All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Is Cement Screed All It’s Cracked Up To Be

It was just over the last few years that seal screed’s appeal in Singapore as an ornamental surface area product skyrocketed. We’re not entirely certain exactly how its prestige happened, potentially synchronized with the increase of the commercial design as well as likewise from the web pages of decoration publications embracing its great ratio. Whatever the situation, it’s a design that is significantly related to stockroom posh, contemporary retro as well as for those looking for an all-natural, pared-back appearance. When made use of suitably, it can likewise locate a location in a streamlined and also modern inside.

It’s not all unicorns and rainbows for homeowners that are seriously considering utilizing this product in their residences. Unlike laminates or floor tiles, they are not as simple to set up– which implies that you could not obtain the best outcomes– and also, they are likewise not the simplest of products to preserve.

We overtook indoor developer Desmond Ong of Dezzo to learn even more regarding concrete screed and see if you still need to start with this product.

You may not obtain your preferred results

If you do not desire it to tarnish conveniently, setting up concrete screed is a tiresome procedure that typically needs securing (it’s a porous product). Yet, the appearance is typically not as all-natural thanks to the resulting minor shine, which kinda beats the function of having a concrete screed surface area, to begin with.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives around to obtain the concrete screed look you desire, whether it be level or gloss and also smooth or also harsh.

You can pick not to secure, yet that will undoubtedly lead to a grainy appearance unless you rub-down the surface area with a piece of rubbing equipment and reapply the concrete for around six even more times. “Unfortunately, not every specialist nowadays will certainly do this for you as it’s a taxing procedure,” claims Desmond.

Be prepared additionally to approve running tones as well as possible blunders like strange spots, which are brought on by the concrete responding to parts of the existing flooring base. “The ones you see in style publications have most likely been corrected a couple of times,” discloses Desmond.

As concrete screed is used by hand by a service provider, you will most likely obtain a little differing arise from the instances you see on his/her profile.

Chips and also fractures are possibly most likely to occur with time

Concrete screed isn’t one of the most versatile of products, so you can anticipate fractures and chips to take place in time depending upon your house’s problems. E.g., the moisture and also temperature level degrees or your neighbor’s extreme remodeling jobs can, in fact, trigger splits on your concrete screed floor covering.

On top of that, relying on just how the surface area is used and exactly how, it can likewise create imperfections, e.g., if the surface area is continuously based on the rigors of daily life, chips, as well as splits, will usually show up.

The product comprises fundamental Portland concrete blended with some kind of hardener or flexibility that aids to stop breaking and cracking. However, depending upon the brand name, the quantity of hardener or flexibility in the form of binders and polymers/compounds can differ, suggesting the number of fractures and chips can also vary.

Desmond states: “The typical brand names on the market are Mapei and also LaFarge, yet they are available in various degrees of either plasticity (for split avoidance) or solidity (for chip avoidance), yet not both.”

Chips and also fractures are possibly most likely to occur with time

Upkeep isn’t a wind

When the concrete has been established, it’s actually uncompromising. There are methods to fix hairline splits and even extra significant ones. However, you will certainly more than likely need to give up looks for safety and security due to the fact that it will just never look the very same once more. Concrete screed surface areas will certainly additionally disappear with web traffic. Also, there is no other way to spot it up unless you begin once again with an entirely brand-new layer.

The daily maintenance isn’t too challenging, luckily. Make use of a completely dry fabric or a mop for day-to-day cleansing. Periodically, clean the location down with a damp fabric or wipe.

Upkeep isn't a wind

It’s (relatively) low-cost

The good idea regarding concrete screed surface areas is that it is reasonably more affordable than various other surface area products. Desmond puts the market price for those with much better substances at $5 psf today, although depending upon the substances in the mix, it can quickly increase to $10 psf. He also recommends one means to obtain the concrete blend at economical value: buy them straight from China or Europe.

Acnes aren’t all poor

For broad-minded people, the scrapes, twists, and fractures that would inevitably feature concrete screed surface areas are all part of the personality. It’s all part of your assumption.


Right here’s how to make it function in your residence if you’re still all for the concrete screed.

“Not every professional can do it properly. Constantly ask a professional to reveal existing instances of concrete floor covering she or he has done to guarantee that an appropriate outcome can be reproduced at your house,” suggests Desmond.

See to it you put it in the ideal places. When there is no water, excellent locations would certainly be where you do not obtain much traffic. Wall surfaces are a great location, as there isn’t much task on them unless you’re considering repairing frameworks or racks in the future. We would certainly discourage utilizing them as cooking area countertops, as they are typically an extremely dedicated surface area that would certainly undergo hefty usage. If you desire to utilize it in a damp place like the washroom, Desmond suggests making use of a concrete mix with a water-resistant substance.

In order to make sure consistency in an application, specifically in a large area like floor covering, “separate” the surface area throughout the application right into appropriate panels. One means is to make use of steel strips to see to it it’s continually leveled throughout the location.

However, suppose you like the appearance of concrete screed without all the difficulty that goes along with it, there are appropriate options around, such as cement-screed or concrete-like floor tiles and also laminates. It is a whole lot simpler to mount, preserve, and appropriate for usage, even in locations like your restroom flooring.

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