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Is Cement Screed All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Is Cement Screed All It’s Cracked Up To Be

It was just over the last few years that seal screed’s appeal in Singapore as an ornamental surface area product skyrocketed. We’re not entirely certain exactly how its prestige happened, potentially synchronized with the increase of the commercial design as well as likewise from the web pages of decoration publications embracing its great ratio. Whatever […]

What is vinyl flooring and how is it made?

What is vinyl flooring and how is it made?

Tarkett vinyl floor covering options for each design for each budget plan. At Tarkett, we have created a complete variety of LVT and vinyl roll floor covering services for your residence to satisfy various requirements, budget plans, and preferences. For example, 2 of our LVT collections, the Starfloor Click 55 as well as Starfloor Click […]

Types of Toilet Sink to Consider for Singapore Homes

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to renovating, it is also one of the most frequented place in the house, serving as a private and intimate space for everyone at home. Whether you are giving your toilet a makeover or moving into a new home, you may need a new sink to match the […]

9 Home Interior Colour Combination Design Tips That Will Transform Your HDB

Did you know that colors have the ability to affect our mood and mental states? In fact, colours affect our psychology tremendously and literally impact our health and mental wellness. Colour is a fundamental of interior design. But beyond imagining how colours will look together and work in your home, its important to consider how […]

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips in Singapore

Top Space-enhancing Kitchen Tips and Tricks for 2020Renovating a kitchen involves a lot of careful planning from aesthetic to practical considerations. which is also dependent on your budget and lifestyle. Here’s our Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips for new homeowners or people who are looking to renovate their outdated kitchen:

Scandinavian Interior Design

More than just another minimalist design, Scandinavian interiors are about bringing in the organic and humanism into the contemporary modern. Scandinavian style seems to be popular among the millennials and generation zoomers of today, as you’ll see Instagram feeds flooded with stunning apartment makeovers and hacks dedicated to the Nordic style. Who would not fall […]

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